Modern hotel management for independent hotels

We’ll manage your entire hotel, from revenue management to financial reporting to hiring & training the staff. Owning a hotel has never been simpler.

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What makes us different:

Higher NOI, lower stress

Our mission is to make hotels easier and more profitable to own, and we’ve built a robust platform to consistently deliver +2x higher NOI than other hotel management companies.

Adaptable to any hotel

We work with everyone from large private equity firms to first-time hotel owners, and we consistently add value to properties ranging from motels to luxury resorts.

Fast & seamless transitions

We can transition the management of any hotel with ease and with only a few days’ notice, thanks to our software and efficient systems.  

Full-service hotel management

We are a one-stop shop for all your needs, so you need only one firm to manage your entire investment. We make your life as an owner easier and give you time to focus on what matters – growing your portfolio.

Hotel & Guest Management

Our ROI-optimized property management system (PMS) minimizes costs & payroll while enabling staff to focus on delivering an incredible guest experience.

Our hotel property management system is as easy to use as an iPhone – making staff be great at their jobs with minimal training.

Our powerful PMS automates middle management and decision-making – so early check-in requests & housekeeping schedules are a breeze. The result: low payroll, empowered staff, and happy guests.

Revenue Management & Marketing

Revenue management is complex. Our passionate Revenue team does it best with proprietary software that powers algorithmic dynamic pricing and automated metasearch marketing, resulting in higher RevPAR & direct bookings in any hotel or market.

Hotels across our portfolio average over 70% direct bookings and a net RevPAR increase of over 35% versus the prior operator.

A conversion-optimized website, booking engine, and efficient digital marketing work in concert to increase direct bookings and reduce third-party commissions.

Finance, Accounting & Reporting

Automated accounting via our property accounting software is overseen by our thorough and highly experienced corporate finance team. Receive digestible and granular performance reports, punctually.

Comprehensive reporting that is easy to understand and is tailored to each owner’s reporting, compliance, and audit needs.

Automated financial accounting, reporting, and forecasting. Enjoy regular and reliable reporting without a finance team in your P&L.

Food & Beverage Management

Our sophisticated F&B hospitality management and team create award-winning venues that generate high-profit margins.

Don’t lease your F&B to a third party. We create locally-rooted bars and restaurants your guests will love and manage them profitably – all under one roof.

From our strategic partnership with OpenTable to our sophisticated back-office systems, we’re able to consistently drive better financial performance.

Design & Development

In addition to our management offerings, we offer a full-service branded solution including interior design, construction, and development for your property.

Revenue Management & Marketing System

An intelligent, all-in-one automated hotel revenue management system that maximizes RevPAR, so you can run your hotel with ease.

Increase RevPAR

We drive a +35% higher net RevPAR through automated pricing and digital marketing intelligence.

All-in-One Hotel Revenue Software Solution

As a holistic hotel revenue management solution, we will simplify your tech stack. Keep your hotel’s marketing, distribution, and pricing all in the same place.

Decrease Costs

We reduce OTA commissions and are proven to drive over 70% of direct bookings. And don’t worry about your hotel marketing services costs, we’ve got you covered.

Save Time

We eliminate the time required for your independent hotel’s pricing decisions and rate distribution through our automated dynamic pricing system.

Intelligent, AI-powered pricing

Our proprietary automated engine optimizes pricing decisions to maximize revenue & save you time. We help you customize your pricing strategy to reflect your comfort level and market intuition.

Customize your own bespoke strategy with the help of our pricing expertise.

Our intelligent pricing system is designed to maximize RevPAR each day & automatically adjusts rates in response to changes in market demand.

Identify unique seasonality and local events that may impact pricing.

Apply your competitive knowledge to optimize your positioning in the market.

Hotel marketing services, with us

A conversion-optimized website and efficient hotel digital marketing work in concert to increase direct bookings and reduce third-party commissions.

Our hotels average over 70% direct bookings, with a net RevPAR increase of over 35%.

We include your hotel’s digital marketing expense and ad spend, so you can focus on the big picture.

Our Portfolio of Hotels:

We’re trusted by dozens of the top real estate and technology investors to manage a wide array of independent hotels across the United States of America.

For a limited time only, we are building our customers a FREE hotel website to increase direct bookings. Our websites are thoughtfully designed with:

Access and optimize every (distribution) channel

We’ll set you up on every key booking channel. Our infrastructure integrates with all channels, pushing pricing through them on a regular, automated basis.

By optimizing images, content, and availability, we maximize listing scores and increase your OTA rankings vs. competitors.

We price each channel strategically, using opaque discounts to increase demand, conversion, and revenue.

Revenue management, at your fingertips

Our revenue management solutions cover the full pipeline of activities needed for independent hotels.

Quickly analyze your property’s performance with dynamic reporting tools.

Compare key metrics and variance over time.

Forecast & track revenue performance against your goals for proactive and agile business planning.

Easily see and adjust how your rates compare to your competitors.

A reliable, more profitable hotel awaits you.

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Hotel Branding

An award-winning design, development & branding studio to perfectly position any hotel for timeless, long-term value. We offer branding services exclusively for our managed hotels.

Tell a story through the real estate

We create hotels with narrative and substance that respond to the real estate and market so that every guest feels a unique sense of place and the CapEx works with, not against, the building.

Delivered at a record cost and timeline

With an award-winning hotel design and development studio in-house, we have re-engineered the hotel branding and design process. Our system delivers bespoke hotels that serve the goals of our real estate partners at a fraction of the cost and timeline.

Timeless hotel brands for every guest segment

Travelers want an authentically local experience. We’ve designed our brands to serve this purpose and have successfully delivered them from Ocean City Maryland to Vail Colorado and beyond.

Unique food and beverage concepts that make hotels truly local

Locally rooted is more than design. To us, it means that the local community spends their time eating, drinking, and working out of the hotel. We develop and operate award-winning venues for every hotel.

Building the future of hospitality

Life House is a vertically integrated hotel brand, management & software platform.

As a hotel operator and software developer, we’re the customer of our own technology, which allows us to make the right products and solve the industry’s complex problems. And with backing from institutional investors, we’re ambitiously investing to solve these problems at scale.

Our Manifesto

We believe that travel is a social good that helps us discover our sense of belonging and connect with others. Our mission is to make travel more accessible by making hotels easier to operate & more profitable for hotel owners.

Our Team

While we pride ourselves on being a talent developer, our core team includes some of the brightest minds & hardest workers from some of the best companies in the world.


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